Golf School Intensive Workshops


If YOU want to Elivate your game

Hit it Further, Straighter and Nearer the Hole

Then Practice What I Am About To Share With YOU

Due to popular demand for our Golf Workshops John Furze (PGA, GSED) has set down the following schelduled dates.

All events are fully structured and limited to four people only as these are strictly a hands on event with full private instruction.

 Come and experience one of our schools.


Scheduled Events


One Day WorkshopsFull Day Intensive Golf workshops


School #1 - Saturday 25th May, 2013

School #2 - Saturday 29th June, 2013

School #3 - Saturday 27th July, 2013

Follow the link for futher Details

Full One Day Intensive Workshops



Mini Power WorkshopHalf Day Mini Golf Power Workshops


Mini School #1 - Saturday 11th May, 2013

Mini School #2 - Saturday 13th July, 2013

Follow the link for futher Details

Mini Workshops Power Golf




Mini Directional Control WorkshopHalf Day Mini Directional Golf workshops


Mini School #1 - Saturday 8th June, 2013

Mini School #1 - Saturday 10th August, 2013

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Mini Workshoips Directional Factors



Golf Schhol workshop

Golf School Workshop

Why not organise your own group?

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